packing tape

See our range of packaging tapes and tape dispensers, single or small quantities of parcel tape for retail customers & trade customers can buy in packs of six or even boxes of 36 rolls of packing tape.

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Marker pen with black thick knib

Marker pen with black thick knib£0.83

Marker Pen, black ink with thick knib for marking the boxes when moving home

Masking tape 25 rolls in a box

Masking tape 25 rolls in a box£30.00

Special offer - Box of 25 Masking tape

Brown packing tape

Brown packing tape£1.00

Brown tape 66 metres x 50mm (2" wide) packaging tape

Quality brown tape 50mm x 66m

Quality brown tape 50mm x 66m£1.65

Quality brown packing tape 50mm x 66m (2" wide)

Caution-check-contents tape

Caution-check-contents tape£1.33

Caution check contents/ packaging tape 66m roll

Clear packing tape 50mmx 66m

Clear packing tape 50mmx 66m£1.00

Clear tape 50mmx 66m (2" wide) box packing tape

Quality clear tape 50mm x 66m

Quality clear tape 50mm x 66m£1.65

Quality clear tape 50mm x 66m parcel tape

Contents-checked-security sealed tape

Contents-checked-security sealed tape£1.33

Contents checked & security sealed tape 66m

Pistol grip tape dispenser budget

Pistol grip tape dispenser budget£3.29

Tape dispenser handheld gun style applicator

Professional quality tape dispenser

Professional quality tape dispenser£5.79

Pistol grip warehouse tape dispenser

Fragile tape 66mx48mm

Fragile tape 66mx48mm£1.25

Fragile tape roll 66mx48mm (2" wide) packing tape

Masking tape

Masking tape£1.25

Masking tape 2"/ 50mm wide 50 metre length

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We stock packaging tapes from brown sealing tape to clear parcel tapes in standard quality unbranded tape to the higher quality vibac packing tape or even scotch 3m tape.

We stock a wide range of pre-printed warning and caution tapes with wording such as fragile & this way up and contents checked and security sealed packing tapes. see our range of hand held tape dispensers, including the pistol grip dispensers for tape widths of 1" to 2".

See also our range of specialist hard floor, low tack adhesive carpet protection tape and glass film protection,reverse wound for easy application.

Plus other packaging tapes include masking tape with a low tack adhesive so no sticky residue is left when removed and pvc tapes for a water resistant hold.