Storage & Removal Boxes for Moving

Cardboard Wardrobe boxes

Removal company quality cardboard wardrobe boxes 4ft/ 1220mm tall, easy move storage boxes.  these are double walled cardboard boxes with a hinged door and the hanging bracket included with each wardrobe box.  Reusable, after you have moved these wardrobe boxes are often used to store your suits, dresses and ball gowns in your loft, attic or even your garage or basement.

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Cardboard wardrobe boxes with handles 1220mm high

Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes 4ft tall, taller than many cardboard wardrobe boxes sold online.
From £7.95 incl tax excluding shipping

Hanging rail for cardboard wardrobe boxes

Hangers for cardboard wardrobe boxes
From £2.35 incl tax excluding shipping